Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fair Day

Today i went to the Texas State Fair! trust me, this is a big deal! the state fair in Texas is absolutely huge! it is definitely all about the food.  i tried some pretty ridiculous fried foods like fried beer and fried cookie dough. the fried beer was disgusting, but the cookie dough was pretty much amazing. i also had a frozen banana dipped in chocolate and "tater twisters" covered in cheese and jalepenos. yum. we didn't get to do as much as i wanted to do like ride rides and see some of the shows, but i plan on going back next week with the mister. the state fair is definitely one of my favorite events of the year.

it's Big Tex! he's 49 feet tall. he actually talks every hour on the hour, and his jaw and hands move. i'd imagine this to be pretty traumatizing for the little ones.

 my best friend Lindsey in front of Tex with her Fletcher's corn dog.

me looking completely awkward in front of Tex.

i thought it was hilarious that this man was wearing the exact same shirt as Tex!

this sculpture is made entirely from butter! there is a different one every year. this year it was a representation of the UT/OU game.

 twisted tater love.

me feeding a baby goat.

Lindsey feeding a camel. he was so gentle! 

me getting freaked out by how gentle mister camel was.

wittle baby donkey. 

the ferris wheel. i didn't get the chance to ride it today. next time...

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