Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mental Health Night

Tonight i've been indulging in what i like to call one of my "mental health" nights. These are nights where i do nothing but hang out with myself. i'm a "lone wolf" in a lot of ways, but i also like to be able to spend a sufficient amount of time with all of my friends and my boyfriend. typically, i like to have about one night a week all to myself to relax and restore my own sanity.

these are things i usually like to do on my "me" nights:

-clean my apartment (silly, i know, but i just feel so much better about everything if my personal space is clean.)
-discover new music
-take a bubble bath
-read, read, read! (i never get enough time for this!)
-dance around like a crazy person to old favorite music
-paint my nails
-chain drink cups of coffee or tea (tonight it's peppermint tea, yum!)
-craft or paint
-write in my journal
-make lists
-look through my closet and mix and match new outfit ideas
- look on the internet for inspiration

i got a late start tonight. i can't believe its already past 4 in the morning! i have plans to wake up at around 8:30 to get my thrift on. we'll just have to see how that works out. i went to the state fair with the bf today, and it wore me out, so i had a pretty nice nap earlier. i'll post some pics tomorrow/later today?! ugh, it's time for bed!

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