Sunday, August 22, 2010

Project 365: Day 1

okay so you have to bear with me here. my weekends are typically pretty uneventful since i work for the majority of them. so my very first photo-to kick this whole exciting thing off is........

.... a photo of a freaking microwaveable veggie corn dog.

haha lame, i know. i have been vegetarian for about a year now, and i thought corn dogs were something that i'd just never have again. i absolutely flipped when i found these in the grocery store. i tried them for the first time yesterday, and oh. my. gosh. are these bad boys amazing! they taste so much like the real thing it made me feel a little guilty. now i am so curious to try other Yves products. they have items such as veggie chorizo- very intriguiging, and also chick'n strips. i wonder if they are any better than the Morning Star ones. i will just have to find out.

well, after posting this, i realized that i really should've started this thing on a Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Good Luck with it! I am sure you will get very inspired as you go along, just keep that camera with you!