Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Project 365: Day 3

Yesterday was quite fun. i started off by waking up early and making myself a "sausage" egg and cheese taquito for breakfast, then my buddy larry and i went out for a morning of thrifting. i found a pretty sweet vintage dress, some books and a vintage craft book on crewel embroidery. larry treated me to this fully awesome phone cover...

hahahah! since a recent unfortunate incident involving my blackberry and an unruly dog's mouth, i have been humbled into sporting a razr for the time being. as i was at the cash register of the thrift store, larry was going through a bin of stuff and he found the glittery gold razr cover. he started shouting " hey, check it out! i found the perfect cover for your razor! it goes perfectly with your shoes!" the lady at the register thought he was being serious, so she was like " wow, its meant to be!" thus he bought it for me for a whopping .99 cents, and the rest is history. he was joking with me the rest of the morning about how i can only find my phone's accessories at thrift stores. yes, we are pretty much lame.

you can barely tell, but that's a picture of me modeling my matching phone/shoe ensemble outside of the thrift store.

the rest of the day was pretty fun too. my best friend lindsey and i went to dallas to try to sell some stuff to buffalo exchange, which is like a quirky plato's closet. i brought in two trash bags full of clothes and purses, and they only bought one thing from me! all in all i made $3.25 off of them! i was so offended! lindsey only made $5. so after that we took our pocket change and our defeated selves to the Chuy's in Dallas. Chuy's is a tex-mex restaurant that has food that will change your life! we also had a couple of cocktails to wash away our sorrows. Despite only making $3.25 for what i thought was some pretty legit stuff,  i did get a pretty awesome purse, and i had fun with my best friend. it turned out to be a pretty good evening.

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